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Remember To Use With "Page Section 100%" Template


This shortcode can be used only with the page template: Page Contact.

[map style="dark" zoom="14" coordinates="40.759277,-73.977064"]
	[marker style="dark" title="LOVE TRAVEL" color="green"]
		[infomarker text="Broadway Road 234 - 35127" icon="icon-home"]
		[infomarker text="Mail:" icon="icon-mail-alt"]
		[infomarker text="Mobile: 0039349155567 (EN)" icon="icon-phone-squared"]

Parameters of the shortcodes

Parameters Description
[map style=”” dark for the black version map, light for the color map version
[map zoom=”” This parameter accepts a number
[map coordinates=”” Insert your google maps coordinates of your location in this format: 40.759277,-73.977064
[marker style=”” dark for the black version, light for the white version
[marker title=”” Insert a title for your info window
[marker color=”” Insert love travel color class: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet
[infomarker text=”” Insert a text for your information
[infomarker icon=”” Insert your icon retina code


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